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Adjust Height, Angle, and Cushion Design Easily

You are an artist after all, so why not add more of your style to your tattoo armrest cushion.
Yes, this Fully Customisable Tattoo Armrest has the right size pad, height (up to 3 feet tall), and adjustability you want to keep your customer comfortable, but it’s also easy to customise the design.

It’s that flexibility that sets this tattoo shop armrest apart.
The armrest comes with a PVC cushion cover to protect your design.
A lot of tattoo artists will cut out a fabric design or even a t-shirt design to add their own touch.
Simply wrap the fabric around the pad and use a staple gun to secure the design.
Paper designs could also work beneath the PVC cover.

Height: 27 inch to 41 inch
Weight: 10kilo
Cushion size 10 x 18″”