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One Tat Tech Workstation

The Tat Tech Workstation is an ideal configuration for any tattoo artist. Crafted from steel and finished in a sleek black matte paint, this rolling workstation is designed for efficiency and ease of use. It features a spacious counter for your projects and an additional side table for extra workspace. Please refer to the list below to explore the comprehensive range of features included with the workstation.

Key Features:
Workstation Sizes:

With wheels: 29.25″ (H) x 38″ (W) x 13″ (D) inch
No wheels and attachments: 26.5″ (H) x 24.5″ (W) x 13″ (D) inch
Weight: 58lbs
Counter Top: Large, removable, cleanable acrylic top: 30″ (W) x 12″ (D) x 3″ (H)
2 Drawers: 20″ (W) x 12″ (D) x 3″ (H)
Storage: Double door storage: 24″ (W) x 12″ (D) x 15″ (H)
Side Table: Ideal for your power supply, 10” (W) x 12.5″ (D)
Wire-Winding Mount: Effortlessly wind up your cables.
Towel Holder: Convenient access to your paper towel.
Glove Holder/Dispenser: Quick and easy access to your gloves.
Bottom Bin: Store large liquids like green soap, disinfectants and more. 12.5″ (W) x 4″ (D) x 4″ (H)

The workstation ships in one large box and can be easily assembled with a screwdriver. Attach the wheels, handle, & tray by hand, and you’re all set!

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