UltraDerm Film Bandage


Helps keep your tattoos clean and helps skin heal. Available in 2 roll size and 2 flat sheets

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Brand – Ultraderm
Purpose – Keep your tattoo clean and help with healing.
Sizes Available – Available in 2 different size rolls. 5.9 inch or 7.9 inch wide and 8 yards long. We also have 2 flat sheets size which come in packs of 10 sheets per box with size: 5.9 inch x 7.9 inch, & 7.9 inch x 9.9 inch. All Ultraderm can be cut to your preference.

Product Info –

Enhanced Tattoo Healing – Wounds heal faster and better when they are kept moist and clean. Ultraderm bandages, when used properly, will lock in your body’s natural fluids and enzymes to keep your healing tattoo moist, and they will prevent scabbing. With your body’s natural fluids and enzymes locked in, your cells will stay hydrated, tissues that are already dead will be broken down and removed more effectively, damaged blood vessels will re-generate more quickly, growth of new cells is stimulated and pain is significantly reduced.1. Studies have shown that wounds that are kept moist can heal twice as fast as wounds that are left dry.

Breathable – Ultra bandages have been designed and engineered to be permeable to gasses, or in other words- breathable. Because Ultraderm bandages are breathable you can wear the same bandage for several days and your skin will continue to function normally. Other benefits of breathability are proper heat transfer and reduced risk of infection.

Protects – There are dirt and germs almost everywhere you go. Ultraderm bandages will provide an impenetrable barrier to protect your new work and keep you safe from infection. How about protecting your clothes and sheets from that mess? Ultradermwill do that too.

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