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The World’s First Ever Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Disposable “True Grip” Cover!

True Grips™ are the world’s first ever Eco-Friendly, All Disposable, Memory Foam Grip Covers developed by Tattoo Artists for today’s busy tattoo artist. True Grips are the perfect Disposable Grip Cover for today’s tattoo artist because they not only provide the artist with a softer, larger diameter grip while tattooing, they also help prevent degenerative issues caused by everyday tattooing. True Grips comfortably widen the artists grip on the tube and minimize damaging vibrations caused by machines and tubes in the tattoo artist’s hand, therefore extending an artist’s career by helping prevent carpal tunnel, numbness in the thumb and fingers, unwanted finger calluses and many other issues with hands & fingers caused by every day tattooing with tubes. Stop wrapping your steel and disposable tubes with paper towels, tape, gauze, medical tape and more. True Grips are an easy solution to get the results you are looking for with an incredibly comfortable grip, all while having the luxury of being disposable. True Grips work great with Original True Tubes as well as any companies tubes. All True Grips products come with our unique, exclusive True Rinse Cup, which makes True Grips the industry’s first dual use disposable tattoo product.Give them a try today, your hands deserve it!


True Grips work great with our “Original” True Tubes!


True Grips Features & Benefits:

  • Grip Length = 1 7/8″
  • Grip Width = 1.5″
  • The First Ever Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Disposable “True Grip” Covers.
  • Duel-Layered memory foam grip absorbs majority of machine vibration.
  • True Grips are the Industry’s most comfortable grip cover ever.
  • True Grips multi-level foam gives artists maximum comfort.
  • True Grips 2 are the 1st ever multi-layer & multi-level grip cover.
  • True Grips 2 are a hybrid of the “Original” True Grips.
  • Unique form fitting memory foam grip conforms to artist’s hand.
  • The perfect fit to any 1” steel or disposable tattoo tubes.
  • Alleviates vibrations that cause carpal tunnel & other hand issues.
  • Multiple level memory foam allows artist’s a variety of grip options.
  • Increases tattoo artist’s grip width up to 1.5 “.
  • Works with any stainless steel or disposable 1″ tattoo tube grip
  • Non-Forced Ergonomics allows hand to naturally conform to grip.
  • No Slip Texture, retains grip with soaps, inks & ointments.
  • Completely Biodegradable & Disposable Grip Covers.
  • Replaces wrapping paper towels to enlarge your grip.
  • Trademarked True Tube Logo printed on each grip.
  • EO Gas Sterilized, individually and Work Ready.
  • Single Service Grip Covers allow for easy setup.
  • True Grip Boxes made from 100% recycled paper.
  • Widens Artists hand for added comfort.
  • Individually packaged and Sterilized.
  • Extremely snug, strong and durable.
  • Most Comfortable Grip Cover Ever!
  • Relieves hand and finger fatigue.
  • Absorbs Vibration and Sound.
  • Expands outside tube grip to 1.5″
  • 1 Box = 25 True Grip Covers
  • Fits over any 1′ tube grip.
  • True Grip Length is 1.75″