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Introducing Super Black, formulated to be the perfect all-purpose black ink by Xtreme. Carefully formulated to meet the diverse needs of tattoo artists, this ink is your go-to choice for both lining and shading applications.

With its rich and deep black tone, Super Black ensures exceptional clarity and precision in your linework, allowing you to create bold and defined outlines with ease.

The ink’s consistent flow guarantees smooth and flawless lines, enhancing the overall quality of your tattoo artwork.

When it comes to shading, Super Black truly shines. Its versatility and pigmentation make it ideal for achieving smooth gradients and deep, solid fills.

Whether you’re working on intricate details or larger areas, this ink delivers consistent and reliable results, ensuring your shading work stands out.

Super Black is the product of Xtreme’s commitment to excellence.

Crafted using the highest quality ingredients, this ink offers optimal performance, ensuring that it goes on smoothly and heals beautifully. Its long-lasting vibrancy ensures that your tattoos retain their captivating allure over time.

Trust Xtreme’s Super Black ink for its versatility, reliability, and unmatched quality. Elevate your tattooing game with the ink that tattoo artists worldwide recommend for all their black ink needs.

-Sterile, vegan, organic

-Never tested on animals

-Water-based pigment dispersion


-Goes in smooth, stays true to color


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