Stealth Fatboy Pen


The same great stealth pen in a heftier compact size

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The newest addtition to the stealth pen line. The Stealth Fatboy Pen.

Liner or Shader – Can do both Lining or Shading
Color – Black anodize finish
Machine Type – Tattoo Pen + Protective Zipper Case
Brand – Stealth® (Pen Series)
Needle Swing – 3.5mm Swing
Needle Protrusion – 0 to 3.5mm adjustable. With a simple twist of the grip, you can adjust how far your needle extends out of the tip. The grip twist smoothly and precisely
Motor Info and Max RPM – Japanese Performance Matsu X4 Motor with 10,000 Maximum RPM. More can be easily removed and replaced when needed. This also allow for easy lubricant application. We recommend using Super Lube.
Machine Connection – RCA Connection. (RCA Cord Not Included)
Weight – 3.5 oz
Size – 3.5″ x 1.25″ x 1″ (Grip Diameter)
Warranty – 1 year warranty.
Lubrication – We recommend using our Super Lube or any thick blend lubricant. Do Not Use thin lubricant it will damage the motor and your warranty will be void.

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