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Introducing Xtreme Inks’ Organic Green Tattoo Ink: a truly organic, organic mossy green.

Experience the enchanting allure of nature with Xtreme Inks’ Organic Green Tattoo Ink. This captivating shade captures the essence of a lush, mossy green, adding a touch of organic beauty to your tattoo designs.

Crafted with precision by our pigment scientists, Xtreme Inks’ Organic Green Tattoo Ink offers exceptional quality, consistency, and performance.

Our ink is carefully formulated using the highest quality organic pigments, ensuring a rich and vibrant mossy green that brings your artwork to life.

Organic Green Tattoo Ink is a versatile shade that adds depth and realism to various tattoo styles. Whether you’re creating nature-inspired pieces, botanical designs, or adding natural elements to your artwork, this shade provides the perfect earthy touch.

At Xtreme Inks, we prioritize safety and ethical practices. Our Organic Green Tattoo Ink is sterilized, organic, vegan, kosher, and never tested on animals.

Experience the smooth application and remarkable healing properties of Xtreme Inks’ Organic Green Tattoo Ink.

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