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Introducing Xtreme Midnight Blue Tattoo Ink, a stunning dark blue shade that exudes elegance and versatility.

This solid, true-to-color blue ink is designed to deliver exceptional results with ease. To complete any solid tattoo ink set, having a solid royal blue as one of your primary inks is a must.

Xtreme Tattoo Inks is committed to providing tattoo artists with the finest products available.

We have revolutionized the industry by eliminating fillers commonly found in other ink brands, creating acrylic-free, water-based tattoo pigment dispersion.

By using only the highest quality ingredients, our pigment chemists ensure that our inks are not only safe but also incredibly user-friendly.

Xtreme Tattoo Inks are sterile, organic, vegan, kosher, and cruelty-free, reflecting our commitment to ethical practices.

One of the standout features of Xtreme inks is their exceptional healing properties. Our carefully formulated inks go in smooth, ensuring your clients’ comfort throughout the tattooing process. What’s more, our colors stay true to their vibrant hues, enhancing the longevity and impact of your artwork.

With Xtreme, you can trust that our dedication to maintaining the highest standards runs through every aspect of our business, from sourcing the finest ingredients to crafting inks that meet rigorous standards compliance, resulting in a superior product that prioritizes environmental responsibility and client safety.

Experience the remarkable difference of Xtreme’s Midnight Blue Tattoo Ink and elevate your tattooing to new heights.

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