LET ME RIDE’ – Shader (By Dre Rock)


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This shader is a tribute to Dr Dre’s single ‘Let Me Ride’. With early 90’s character and automotive grade trim and finish.

This machine bridges the gap between a classic colour packer, and a black & grey machine, so runs faster with a long stroke.

  • Fast hybrid shader for colour packing or black & grey work
  • Long stroke
  • 114hz @ 6.5v unloaded
  • Precision CNC machining
  • Durable ceramic coat, in matt black finish
  • Blackened brass and raw brass hardware
  • Pure sterling silver contact screw, with custom aluminium dice head
  • Fat hinged tube vice for forward weight with inner grooves for added clamp action
  • Custom coils, with matt black automotive grade vinyl
  • Pure iron coil core’s
  • Sprague Tantalum capacitor
  • Pure iron armature bar
  • Weight: 211g