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Leaf Green Tattoo Inka captivating green shade that embodies the essence of nature’s vibrant foliage.

This moderate yellow-green hue is the perfect choice for capturing the lushness and vitality of leaves in your tattoo artwork. Whether you’re creating a botanical masterpiece or adding a touch of organic beauty to your designs, Leaf Green Tattoo Ink offers a versatile and captivating option. With its rich pigmentation and smooth application, this ink ensures stunning results.

Xtreme’s unwavering commitment to premium quality is exemplified in this water-based tattoo pigment dispersion. Crafted with utmost care, using only the finest ingredients, this tattoo ink ensures a sterile, organic, vegan, kosher ink that is never tested on animals.

What sets Xtreme apart is our unwavering dedication to safety. Our pigment chemists have meticulously crafted inks using only the finest ingredients available, guaranteeing a safe and user-friendly experience for you and your clients.

One of the standout features of Xtreme inks is their exceptional healing properties. Our carefully formulated inks go in smooth, ensuring your clients’ comfort throughout the tattooing process. What’s more, our colors stay true to their vibrant hues, enhancing the longevity and impact of your artwork.

With Xtreme, you can trust that our dedication to maintaining the highest standards runs through every aspect of our business, from sourcing the finest ingredients to crafting inks that meet rigorous standards, resulting in a superior product that prioritizes environmental responsibility and client safety.

Join the community of tattoo artists who trust Xtreme for their ink needs. Try Leaf Green Tattoo ink today.

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