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Introducing Xtreme’s Graywash Set: Unleash the Artistry of Subtle Shades

Graywash inks have long been a staple in the tattoo industry, allowing artists to create captivating depth and dimension in their designs. Xtreme understands the importance of this versatile color palette, and we proudly present our Graywash Set. This thoughtfully curated collection features four distinct shades: Extra Light Graywash, Light Graywash, Medium Graywash, and Dark Graywash.

The subtle nuances of gray allow for seamless shading, transitioning, and highlighting within a tattoo design. Whether you’re creating delicate portraits, intricate black and gray pieces, or adding depth to vibrant color tattoos, the Graywash Set is an indispensable tool in your artistic arsenal. We have removed all unnecessary fillers found in other ink brands, resulting in acrylic-free, water-based tattoo pigment dispersion that sets a new standard in the industry.

At Xtreme, we strive to provide tattoo artists with the highest quality ink; Our Graywash Set is no exception.

Xtreme Graywashes are crafted in large batches, employing state-of-the-art instruments to guarantee unwavering shade consistency with each and every batch.

Each shade in the set has been meticulously formulated to deliver consistent and reliable results:

-The Extra Light Graywash offers a delicate touch, perfect for soft shading or highlighting.

-The Light Graywash allows for smooth transitions and subtle depth.

-The Medium Graywash provides a versatile middle ground, ideal for adding texture and dimension.

-Lastly, the Dark Graywash offers rich depth and bold contrast, perfect for creating striking details.

We take pride in our commitment to safety and quality. Xtreme’s Graywash Set is sterilized and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the utmost safety and reliability. Our inks are vegan-friendly, organic, and never tested on animals, aligning with ethical and responsible tattoo practices.

The Graywash Set not only boasts long-lasting colors, but it also offers ease of use and reliable healing properties. Whether you’re blending it with other colors or using it as a stand-alone shade, our ink allows you to achieve remarkable results that capture attention and leave a lasting impression. Finally, the ready-to-use feature of our inks saves you time and effort, as they are ready to go straight out of the bottle.

With Xtreme’s Graywash Set, you can confidently create remarkable grayscale tattoos that captivate the eye and stand the test of time.

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