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Introducing Extra White Tattoo Ink: Illuminate Your Artistry

Extra White Tattoo Ink by Xtreme is a medium viscosity white ink that empowers tattoo artists to unleash their creativity and add brilliance to their designs. With its exceptional opacity and luminosity, this ink allows you to create captivating highlights, blending, and intricate details with remarkable precision.

At Xtreme, we uphold our unwavering commitment to quality and safety. Extra White Tattoo Ink is meticulously formulated to deliver outstanding performance while adhering to the highest standards of sterilization, vegan-friendly ingredients, organic composition, and cruelty-free production.

Extra White Tattoo Ink heals quickly, impressing your clients with its’ impressive recovery times, especially as it’s ready-to-use out of the bottle.

Xtreme is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the tattoo industry. Our Extra White Tattoo Ink is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, with strict adherence to safety regulations. Experience the unparalleled quality and performance that our ink delivers.

For more information on our sets, please take a look at our piece on Xtreme Inks: Artist Collections.

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