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Introducing Dark Red Tattoo Ink

For tattoo artists seeking a versatile dark rusty clay-colored ink, this innovative ink solves the challenge of finding a reliable and customizable dark red tone, empowering artists to create captivating tattoos effortlessly.

Xtreme’s ink stands apart by eliminating fillers found in other brands, resulting in a pure, vibrant, and authentic dark red outcome. The formulation ensures exceptional results, enabling artists to achieve striking and lifelike rusty clay-colored tones.

Customers Gain:

Sterile, Vegan, Organic, and Cruelty-Free

Xtreme’s Dark Red Tattoo Ink is crafted with care for safety, ethics, and the environment. Artists can confidently use this ink, knowing it aligns with their values and promotes a cruelty-free approach to body art.

Water-Based Pigment Dispersion

Formulated as water-based pigment dispersion, the ink allows for effortless application and seamless blending. Artists can easily customize the ink’s intensity and tone by adding complementary colors, unlocking limitless creative possibilities to achieve the perfect rusty clay dark red for each unique tattoo.

Kosher Certification

Dark Red Tattoo Ink by Xtreme proudly holds kosher certification, ensuring compliance with strict dietary and production requirements.

Ready-to-Use Convenience

Xtreme’s Dark Red Tattoo Ink is conveniently ready-to-use, saving artists time and effort. The ink’s carefully crafted consistency and pigmentation deliver consistent and reliable results with every application, enabling artists to immerse themselves in their creative process without delay.

At Xtreme, we prioritize quality, innovation, and the needs of tattoo artists. Our Dark Red Tattoo Ink is the result of meticulous research, employing top-notch pigment chemists to create an exceptional product that exceeds expectations.

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